Meet the City Council

The council is a group of very dedicated volunteers who are the ” voice” of Challengeville , cheering you on in your daily post, inspiring you on in your journey to personal victory!
They are tireless warriors who put aside their daily routines to give you the support you need during your journey. I am VERY fortunate to be associated with these extraordinary people who are so very devoted to your success! 



Tara enjoys the continuous journey to becoming a better runner. She has completed  numerous Challengeville Challenges ranging from Timefighter to Tinman, and loves the positive motivational community that Challengeville offers.








Jill  Berry is a marathoner and running fanatic! She has completed many Challengeville challenges and continues to inspire!




Adrian “Ace Paul” is a native of Guyana that hails from Brooklyn, Adrian is a marathoner who loves meeting new people and pushing them to greatness! Ace has been awarded the Challengeville key to the city  for completing two TRAVELINGMAN finishers certificate.









Roodley  Preval is a dedicated family man and marathoner. Roodley is an accomplished Obstacle Course Racer. Roodley has been awarded the Challengeville key to the city for completing two TRAVELINGMAN finishers certificates. In between his running, he is an amazing husband and father!








I started running a year ago as part of a weight challenge. Fell in love with running and feeling the freedom in the wind. I am father to 4 amazing kids , and Husband to an amazing wife ,and my best friend who’s always supported by decisions whether she agreed or not. When Im not running, I love hanging out with my Wife and Kids and share quality time. One of my dreams and major Goals is to run The Los Angeles Marathon 2017. I love to inspire and motivated others to always trust in themselves.



Stacie Garboden is Challengeville’s most consistent challenger!  From TIMEFIGHTER to BIGFOOT, this wife of 15 years and mother of two doesn’t miss a beat, & has inspired many to join the Challengeville family and “Accomplish what you think you can’t”




Karen Lee is a marathoner from Queens, NY who loves to run and travel. Her two passions have taken her racing in different states and abroad. Her goal for next year is to complete her first ultra. When not running, she can be seen cycling, or enjoying a cup of tea.



Eddie is a married father of two who has completed several Challengeville challenges ranging from Bigfoot to Cyberlex. When not racing distances ranging from 5K to the marathon, Eddie enjoys traveling, honing his smoker/bbq skills, and a good craft brew. Always looking for the next adventure, tackling the daunting Traveling Man challenge is surely on the horizon!







John Mealing

John is an avid racer. From 5K’s to Half Marathons. John is also Challenville’s Editor In Chief for the Challengeville Instagram feed. He is responsible for all the weekly Picture scavenger hunts that we have all grown to love!


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