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Whether it’s related to running, fitness, or something to make your life more positive, OGR would like to hear your suggestion! It can be something as simple as vowing to make your bed every day or eliminating a negative word from your vocabulary; we here at Challengeville are always on the lookout for anything innovative to help push people toward conquering goals and achieving success.


Of course, you can always email us here at Challengeville personally.


6 thoughts on “Add A Challenge/Contact OGR

    This is the perfect challenge for those who aren’t quite ready to make the jump to the TimeFighter but still want a challenge. You can jump-start your body and feel great doing it! Walk or run the miles and for your cross train do whatever you want; there are no rules just get ‘er done! JUMP-START your heart and body to a healthy 2015! You got this!

    Total Monthly Miles: 34
    Total Weekly Miles: 8.5
    Day One: 1.5 miles
    Day Two: 2 miles
    Day Three: Rest
    Day Four: 2 miles
    Day Five: Cross Train
    Day Six: 3 miles
    Day Seven: Rest


  2. WHAT YOU SAY! challenge
    Do not say anything negative, or derogatory about anyone or anything, for 24 hours!
    This is harder than you think!
    You will learn a LOT about yourself, and situational drama becomes nonexistent!


  3. CLEAN-LIPS Challenge
    Do not cuss for :
    -24 hours
    -3 days
    -one week
    30 days
    ***start small, and work your way up!
    Notice the change in how you feel, when you are successful in this. It is the EASIEST way to train ourselves that we are in control of our own behavior 🙂


  4. MYOB Challenge
    Yep, thats MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS for 30 days.
    I did this for Lent one year. It is one of the hardest, and yet the most rewarding challenges, we can do.
    IF you can master it, you will love this!
    Ever been at work, and you overheard someone talkking about a situation, and the next thing you know, you are putting in your “Two cents worth”? But really, you could have just walked by, and saved yourself a lot of unnecessary stress. By minding your own business for 30 days, you will be avoiding all kinds of anguish, and your productivity level will soar to great heights!!.
    As your month unfolds, you will be subconsciously be training people to NOT bring you their drama. They will go straight to the “drama-gobblers ” as you zoom happily through your day.
    Trust me, the rewards of this challenge are overwhelmingly enriching!! 🙂

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  5. Engage 30

    For 30 days, when you come home from work, or at a certain time that’s best for your family and friends’ needs, put your phone away…completely away. Do not pick it up until the next morning. It may be hard, but what’s harder is for your loved ones to see your head buried in your device when you are with them.
    When was the last time it was a ‘real emergency’? How important do we think we are? You’re relationships are that much more important.


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