Welcome To Challengeville

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Are you ready to push past the boundaries you’ve set for yourself? Are you ready for a month-long thrill ride of strength, self-discovery, and empowerment?

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Welcome to Challengeville. The challenge starts now.

What is Challengeville?

Challengeville is a digital community of runners making strides toward their own personal health and the inspiration of others. Started on instagram by Old Guy Running in 2012, the Challengeville community has gained footing over time to step out as an online meeting place for runners of all abilities to connect, share, and motivate.

There are eight different training plans designed for all levels of runners to achieve success out there on the pavement or the treadmill:  Nouveau, Timefighter, Phoenix,  Tinman, Bigfoot, Madman, Cyberlex, and Travelingman. Each plan was developed and completed by Old Guy Running, who embraced athleticism for the first time in his 50s after a sedentary life of making excuses.

These challenges are designed to shift a person’s perspective and empower them. They are developed to embolden people to take steps a healthier, happier and more powerful version of themselves that they probably didn’t know existed.

Challengeville is the place where ordinary people become dynamic.

Are you ready for a challenge? Are you ready to push limits that you once believed were set in stone? Are you prepared to meet a new side of yourself and achieve what you didn’t think was possible?

The challenge starts NOW!


10 thoughts on “Welcome To Challengeville

  1. Great Job on the site! Looking forward to an amazing year amongst great people in this community! Thanks for setting this up for us all Barto! You’re the man!

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  2. Hey I’m gonna join up after meeting the old running guy! It’s a commitment and a challenge with encouragement! Great stuff and just what I need. See yall soon on here!


  3. Great ! Sounds like a description of me!!!!! A year ago I was a veteran couch potatoe but decided to offer myself the best present ever to welcome menaupose: a healthier and more active life 😍


  4. I came to this community on Feb 2016 and right away jumped on the Bigfoot Challenge and worked my way up to Travelingman. In my journey and experience with challengeville I’d have to say it has been the best. Motivation, Inspiration and the countless cheering from all registered challengers to this community. I’ve been blessed to be part of this community and blessed to have been given the opportunity to maximize my potentials with a great team. Thank you Bart and Challengeville for the great experience in your community.

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